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More Security Services Coming For Business Customers Of Internet Service Providers

Two major internet service providers will soon be offering their business customers a broader range of security services. Fierce Telecom reports that both AT&T and CenturyLink became members of new United States program which would see the extension of classified cyber threat information to customers. Currently, the Pentagon provides any classified cyber threat information to […]

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Toronto Paper Says Internet Providers Should Charge by Usage

The Toronto Star published a thought provoking article this morning entitled “Usage Based Internet is a Good Thing.” The article argues that paying for what you use when it comes to the Internet makes sense. After all, the more miles you drive the more you have to pay for gas. The more electricity you consume, […]

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Assessing Internet Service Providers

The process of assessing internet service providers need not be cumbersome or daunting if you have a framework for comparison.  There are excellent websites available that help you navigate the process with relative ease because they prompt you to ask and answer all the relevant questions.  Starting with the basics of internet jargon, information will […]

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Internet Service Providers Allow for Video Streaming Capabilities

When considering internet service providers, one exciting possibility that opens up with high speed internet service is media streaming. Whether you are interested in watching live programming such as concerts or sporting events, watching old television shows on the internet, accessing radio from other regions, or downloading movies on demand, there is something for everyone […]

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