Attention Parents: Keep Your Family Safe Online With These Tips

The internet is a valuable learning tool for kids of all ages. For our older children, it is practically a necessity in order to correspond with teachers and research topics for school assignments. So how do we keep our kids safe as they surf the web? Internet service providers usually provide parental control tools. It’s important to become familiar with and utilize them. As well, filtering software can be purchased to block sites or prevent children from broadcasting their personal information online. As well, programs that monitor and track your child’s online activity are available. You as the parent can also make rules surrounding computer and itnernet. For example, ensure that your kids create an online alias that doesn’t disclose their true identity. Keep the computers in an area where secrecy is discouraged, like a busy living room. Help the kids to bookmark acceptable sites via your high speed internet provider. Block the use of chat rooms where predators are sure to be lurking. Finally, research other ways to protect your kids that are in line with your family values. With these tips and others, your child can learn how to explore their online world safely.


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