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Is Becoming a Cyborg More Reality Than Science-Fiction?

Technology is advancing to such a high degree, it may be possible that we can turn ourselves into cyborgs at some point. At least we will still have a choice in the matter! In all seriousness, it would seem the further improvements in technology may lead us down the science-fiction path of being part human […]

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Accountability, Distance Learning and Virtual Education

Accountability and virtual education is a topic we will likely be hearing a lot more about in the coming years. Education will become more communications based and that means distance learning programs will become more and more popular. Where does accountability fit it? If the student is under 18, then the parents have to take […]

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Smartphones for Voting?

Will smartphones ever be used as a means in which you can vote? There is no reason to assume it will not. However, it might still be quite a while before these mobile devices are used for voting. Why may so much time be required? A voting system must maintain its integrity or it will […]

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Patents May Protect You From Infringement

The innovative among us truly do make life much better for everyone. Where would we be if all those amazing new technological inventions were not made available on the market? If you, yourself, is someone deemed technologically innovative, you are encouraged to continue drafting up your prototypes. You are also strongly recommended to file the […]

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Do You Really Have a Lot of Digital Privacy?

Never assume that you have perfect privacy with all your electronic and digital communications. This is just not the case as there are law on the books that note you do not have pure rights to privacy and security. For example, law enforcement can read any emails more than six months old without a warrant. […]

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What To Do With Your Digital Files

It might seem you have so many files on your computer you do not know what to do with them. Actually, there is a wise plan for those with a large number of files. You can store them in the cloud. This just might be the very best strategy to employ since files saved on […]

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Comments Requested For CAF’s Second Phase

Phase 1 of the Connect America Fund, or CAF may be overhauled if changes presented by the FCC are incorporated. Some of the tabled changes include a redefinition of what is an underserved area and what should be done with the $185 million that’s left in broadband funds. The FCC is requesting comments be made […]

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Using Less Bandwidth With High Speed Internet Providers In My Area

If you watch a lot of streaming content with your connection to high speed internet providers in my area, then chances are you are using a lot of bandwidth every month. And ISPs know how much you are using, and many will send you a warning if you are threatening to reach your monthly limit. […]

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Internet Scams on the Rise

The imaginations of criminals is certainly awe-inspiring.  Internet crime is up exponentially, and the FBI has recently outlined some of the most prevalent internet scams currently happening today.  Of no surprise to most of us are fake pop-up ads for anti-virus software.  Ever been online minding your own business when an ad popped up stating […]

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Internet is Third Most Popular News Source

While local and national television news still hold the top spots for most Americans to access news, 92% of all Americans use more than one platform to stay informed.  The internet is now the third most popular, well ahead of national and local print newspapers and radio.  According to Pew Research Center deputy director Amy […]

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Verizon FiOS Double & Triple Play

What can be better than the celebrated all fiber optics network to the door technology that promises an end to distorted signals and crystal clear integrated television options?  How about a double or triple play package from Verizon FiOS?  Highlights include saving $20 per month for two years on a triple play, which represents a […]

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